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En Cada primer Puesto…

When the ACU was founded in Cuba, the motto “en cada primer puesto, un Agrupado,” was not an indication of the human ambition of the agrupados, but rather the desire to influence the broader society to bring it back to Christ.  In order to achieve this, the ACU formed “círculos de profesionales,” in which older agrupados would mentor younger agrupados in what it means to be a faithful Catholic in their respective fields. This mentorship continued as agrupados were forced to relocate in the U.S. and helped many to establish themselves professionally in a new country. The ILS Signature Mentoring Program represents the 21st Century version of these Círculos de Profesionales available both on-site and virtually for all Summit participants.  This effort will be complemented by the spiritual support and guidance offered by the  ACU members and Jesuits who will accompany the Summit. We call this spiritual mentoring, consultas.

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Digital Webinars

ILS alumni will have access to ongoing formation through digital webinars led by ILS mentors that develop themes and topics covered at the Summit. These will include faith formation, leadership development, and practical skills.